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Your Perfect Husband
Your Perfect Dating Sequence
Gay Relationship Mindsets
Sex On Rocks
Mindsets For Achievement/Success
Gay Compatibility Formula

"These courses have been a game-changer for me. They helped me understand my past toxic relationships and breakups, and I no longer carry that guilt. I'm excited for the new chapter in my love life."


"Paul's courses helped me overcome my unhealthy obsessions with sex and toxic partners. I now understand my patterns and started to build healthier, more fulfilling relationships."


Get all 6 courses at a discounted price! - Get everything you need to transform your personal life forever! 
Get everything you need to double your confidence and remove self-doubt, hesitation and worry! - Don't let fear stand in the way of your desires for love and marriage.  Replace hesitation and self-doubt with knowledge and skill. 

Your Perfect Husband

Become a magnet for high quality men.
Avoid the trap of ambiguous attraction.
Eliminate confusion and fear about meeting men.
Become strategic about your relationships.
Avoid years of impulsive socializing.
Create a new narrative for your relationship.
Discover 21 best places to meet your lover.

Your Perfect Dating Sequence

Create a dating sequence for monogamy.
Come across confident and charismatic.
Create chemistry during your first date.
Eliminate anxieties, fear and doubt in dating.
Easily move from dating to relationship stage.
Learn how to create a feeling of togetherness.
Avoid random dating that goes nowhere.

Gay Relationship Mindsets

Become unstoppable with all relationships.
remove all hesitation and self-doubt.
accept challenges as stepping stones for growth.
Release victim mindsets and disempowerment.
apply guru-level mindsets to love & dating.
double your relationship confidence.
neutralize sex in your pursuit of love.

Mindsets For Success & Achievement For Gay Men

Reprogram your mind for success.
Dissolve shame, trauma & anger.
upgrade all habits: health, money, love!
reach your higher consciousness
eliminate all fear forever!
become empowered every day!
avoid regrets and self-judgments!
end all procrastination and hesitation

Gay Compatibility Formula For Commitment & Marriage

How to create "together-forever" compatibility.
How to choose men for marriage.
How to divorce-proof your relationship.
Pain Of Absence Vs. Pain Of Presence.
How To Apply The Theory Of Attachment.
How to understand masculinity levels.
Apply Sexual Completion Before Marriage.
Understand Deeper Aspects Of Coming Out.
Physical/Emotional/Logical Compatibility.
Learn About The Standard For LTR & Marriage.
Discover The Big Picture: Your Relationship Dance.

Sex On Rocks

Sexual Completion - what it is and how it works
How sexual development happens.
how to have the best sex ever.
how to create sexual compatibility properly.
how self-esteem influences sexual behavior
how psychological shadow changes sex.
why gay men crave risky and violent sex.
why gay men look for large penises.
why gay men have narrow attraction.
7 games gay men play with sex.

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