Get the knowledge to turn loneliness & Grindr Hookups into committed & monogamous Gay relationships!

Say goodbye to loneliness and toxic relationships.
Stop the cycle of grindr hookups and false hope!
Overcome your biggest obstacles to Love!
Create Authentic relationships that last A Lifetime!

Escape The Prison Of Grindr & False Hope.

Create Long-Term Commitment.

Break The Cycle Of  Toxic Relationships!

Gay Topics Covered:

Gay Dating

How to meet and connect with gay men for long-term relationships.

Gay Compatibility

How to ensure you have the greatest chance for long-term happiness.

Gay Relationships

How to be strategic about long-term gay relationships and marriage.

Gay Sexuality

How to connect sex with love so that you have the best sex ever.

Gay Marriage

How to ensure you have the greatest chance for long-term happiness.


How to create a monogamous gay relationship that works!

Coming Out

How to properly come out and explore what it means to be gay.


How to overcome shame and internalized homophobia.

Trauma & Narcissism

How to avoid trauma-bonding and narcissistic men.

Gay Courses For Gay Men

"Before I found these courses, I felt lost and stuck in a cycle of hookups that left me feeling empty. Now, I have a renewed sense of purpose and a clear path towards meaningful relationships."


"These courses transformed the way I approach dating. I've moved from casual encounters on Grindr to genuine connections that have the potential for so much more."


"I was skeptical at first, but this course showed me that I can break free from Grindr and build relationships that truly satisfy me."


"The lessons I've learned from these courses have been life-changing. I'm no longer looking for the next hookup. Instead, I'm looking for my future partner."


"These courses were a wake-up call. I've realized that there's so much more to relationships than just sex, and now I'm actively pursuing deeper connections."


"I used to feel like I was stuck in a rut of endless hookups. These courses have shown me that there's a way out, and I'm so grateful."


Hi, I'm Steve. I'm from Miami, and I work as a mediator, communication coach and a vocalist.  I specialize in non-violent communication, really getting deep into feelings and needs and how to express what's really going on with people.  Please watch my video about the Gay Compatibility Formula course.


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Get access to world-class courses about gay dating, relationships and sexuality.  Learn the best strategies for meeting and connecting with gay men.  Each course comes with workbooks, exercises and videos.



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When you pay monthly, each course will be released every 30 days, giving you 6 months of learning at a pace of 1 course every month in the order listed on the right.  

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All 6 courses are included:

Your Perfect Husband
Your Perfect Dating Sequence
Gay Relationship Mindsets
Sex On Rocks
Gay Compatibility Formula
Mindsets 4 Success & Achievement

Foundational Courses:

Gay Course - Your Perfect Husband
Your Perfect Husband Course

Video Training

Your Perfect Husband

Discover 21 best places to meet your lover.
Become a magnet for high quality men.
Conduct a strategic analysis of your lover.
Learn how To Expand Your Attraction Range.
Avoid the trap of ambiguous attraction.
Develop a powerful value proposition.
Eliminate confusion and fear about meeting men.
Become strategic about your relationships.
Avoid years of impulsive socializing.
Create a new narrative for your relationship.

Preview Of Session #1 Content:

Preview Of Session #2 Content:

Preview Of Session #3 Content:

Preview Of Session #4 Content:

Discover a strategic approach to dating and establishing long-term, monogamous relationships. With practical exercises and expert guidance, you'll refine your relationship approach by avoiding common mistakes and eliminating unchecked assumptions and counter-productive beliefs.

This course shows you how to delve deep into your desires and expectations, systematically aligning them with traits that promote stability & reciprocity, as opposed to hookups and temporary relationships.

The course begins with exercises designed to help you identify the physical and socio-demographic traits of your ideal partner, laying the foundation for an intelligent search, communication strategy, and value proposition. This is particularly important in today's world of distractions, narcissistic men, and surface-level dating.

After a few sessions, you'll begin to recognize that the men you were searching for in the past could not offer stability and reciprocity and were a waste of your time.

Through the course, you'll gain a profound understanding of your ideal partner, moving beyond surface-level attributes and focusing on qualities that truly matter. You'll learn to recognize the gap between your idealized lover and the genuine capabilities of potential partners. This crucial distinction is set to transform your love life, guiding you towards relationships founded on mutual respect, stability, and reciprocity while avoiding sexual objectification and trauma-bonding.

Additionally, the course places significant emphasis on self-discovery and personal growth, allowing you to examine your internal representations and adjust your perception of your perfect partner. This introspective journey, combined with our practical exercises, prepares you for the most rewarding love experiences of your life.

The unique aspect of this course is that it trains you on a special kind of persona that is guaranteed to be successful in relationships. You'll learn to visualize this persona and install it into your consciousness.

In essence, our course helps transform your romantic aspirations from mere daydreams to a realistic, fulfilling love life founded on mutual respect, stability, and reciprocity.


Your Perfect Dating Sequence

Avoid random dating that goes nowhere.
Protect yourself from narcissists & toxic men.
Create a dating sequence for an LTR.
Come across confident and charismatic.
Create A Strong Connection during your first date.
Learn about the 6 laws of dating success.
Eliminate anxieties, fear and doubt in dating.
Easily move from dating to relationship stage.
Learn how to create a feeling of togetherness.

Learn how to date intelligently, without fear of rejection and without holding back, quickly identifying relationship ready men and avoiding toxic individuals.  Dating can be a gateway to a beautiful love story, long-term companionship, or even marital bliss. But it can also lead to disappointment and heartbreak. 

Success in dating often depends less on serendipity and more on strategy - and those armed with a well-thought-out approach are far more likely to find their perfect match. In fact, the odds of success increase by a staggering 90% for those who come prepared!

With an understanding of human psychology and the nuances of emotional connections, our course helps you master the art of dating. We'll guide you through a sequence of six strategically planned dates designed to build an emotional bond - the key to progressing any relationship.

Each date is a meaningful extension of the last, creating a robust and comprehensive experience that fortifies your connection. It's an approach that makes both men feel as if they've known each other for years, even in the span of a few meetings.

By the end of the sixth date, you'll witness the transformation of your connection into a romantic pursuit. It's at this stage where love often blossoms and he's likely to express his feelings, possibly even asking you to be his boyfriend.

Our approach also serves as a filter, weeding out toxic individuals and narcissists who are incapable of forming genuine connections. Through this process, you'll sidestep potential heartaches and setbacks.

Our course also introduces you to the six laws of dating success, crucial for making a lasting first impression and fostering an authentic connection.

We are here to equip you with the tools and frameworks you need to transform your dating experiences into victories. Instead of relying on chance, we'll empower you with strategies to build instant connections, providing a solid foundation for authentic relationships and, potentially, marriage.

Let's replace the randomness of dating with strategy, and help you find not just a partner, but the right partner. Join us on this journey, and let's bring love into your life.

Gay Course About Dating - Your Perfect Dating Sequence
Your Perfect Dating Sequence Course
Gay Course About Dating - Gay Relationship Mindsets
Gay Relationship Mindsets Course


Gay Relationship Mindsets

Become unstoppable with all relationships.
remove hesitation and self-doubt.
Learn how to shift your mind for best results.
accept challenges as stepping stones for growth.
Release victim mindsets and disempowerment.
apply guru-level mindsets to love & dating.
double your relationship confidence.
Understand the role of sex in relationships.
Lear about the "Cass model" for coming out
Participate in 40+ At-Home exercises.
Integrate Spirituality into Your dating.

Mindset Training Includes:

Leadership Mindsets For Gay Relationships.
Psychological Mindsets For Gay Relationships.
Sexuality Mindsets For Gay Relationships.
Spiritual Mindsets For Gay Relationships.
Strategic Mindsets For Gay Relationships.
Bonus training about contextualizing gay life.

Learn how to cultivate an unshakeable level of confidence and a deep-seated passion for relationships for the rest of your life. You'll learn how to navigate through breakups, disappointments, judgments, and rejections with resilience, transforming passive thinking into dynamic confidence.

You'll learn to overcome hesitation, procrastination, and passivity, becoming the kind of man who exudes strength, conviction, and determination.  You will develop the tenacity to persist, and not take "no" for an answer.

You'll gain insights into approaching sexuality without succumbing to arousal-traps, ensuring that you never overlook a meaningful connection with a man who embodies the qualities of a lifelong partner.

We'll guide you to embrace spiritual truths that triumph over insecurities, fears, and self-doubt about your body, age, and sexual experience.

You'll discover how to let go of the victim mindset from past relationships, and instead adopt a proactive, no-nonsense approach to fostering relationships that truly last.

You'll gain an understanding of the psychological aspects crucial for any enduring relationship. This will enable you to identify and steer clear of men who lack the capacity to build a healthy, stable, and monogamous relationship.

Through our course, you'll learn to think like a relationship guru by harnessing the Power Mindsets that are vital for success in gay relationships. We don't just teach these mindsets, we help you break through disempowerment to foster clarity, direction, and confidence. You'll acquire the skills and strategies you need to create the kind of relationship you truly aspire to.

Our course is designed to help you take the reins of your love life, putting an end to feelings of struggle and stagnation. You'll learn how to cultivate a fulfilling and successful love life that you truly deserve. It's time to claim your power and create the love story you've always wanted.


Gay Mindsets For Success Audio Affirmations Course

Reprogram your mind for success.
Dissolve shame, trauma & anger.
upgrade all habits: health, money, love!
reach your higher consciousness
eliminate all fear forever!
become empowered every day!
avoid regrets and self-judgments!
end all procrastination and hesitation

Give yourself a confidence boost with over 20 tracks of affirmations and best practices designed to help you live your best life. This transformative course harnesses the power of hypnotic suggestion and affirmation to counteract the common effects of shame and trauma experienced by gay men. 

All behavior change begins with a strong sense of identity. Many gay men struggle in the realm of dating and relationships because their identity has been fragmented by trauma and reduced to sex. 

By reclaiming and activating your identity on a spiritual level, you can naturally overcome self-doubts, hesitation, and procrastination. 

Identity work serves as the key to all behavioral improvements, allowing you to align your actions with your true self rather than forcing behaviors that don't resonate with your internal identity.

This course is specifically designed for gay men who are currently single and seeking transformation in their lives. Through the empowering tools provided in this course, you will neutralize internal obstacles and pave the way towards an enriched and fulfilled life. 

With this course, you will discover the love, relationships, and success that you truly deserve.  You will be able to unleash your potential, become unstoppable, and empower yourself to keep growing towards the life you always wanted.

Affirmations For Success For Gay Men
Gay Mindsets For Success Audio Affirmations

Advanced Courses:

Gay Course About Dating - Gay Compatibility Formula
Gay Compatibility Formula Course


Gay Compatibility Formula For Commitment & Marriage

How to create "together-forever" compatibility.
How to choose men for marriage.
How to divorce-proof your relationship.
Pain Of Absence Vs. Pain Of Presence.
How To Apply The Theory Of Attachment.
How to understand masculinity levels.
Apply Sexual Completion Before Marriage.
Understand Deeper Aspects Of Coming Out.
Physical/Emotional/Logical Compatibility.
Learn About The Standard For LTR & Marriage.
Discover The Big Picture: Your Relationship Dance.

Learn how to avoid breakups and how to identify marriage-material men, who are able to commit to long-term relationships.  Are you tired of dating incompatible partners who just aren't ready for a long-term commitment? Do you want to discover a smarter way of choosing your lovers so that your relationships last forever? Look no further than the Gay Compatibility Formula.

Breakups are all too common in the gay dating scene, but they don't have to be. Our advanced training teaches you how to look for men who are truly compatible with your psychology and life's journey, ensuring that you find long-term commitment and even marriage.

Understanding gay compatibility is the key to making a marriage work and avoiding the frustrations that come with unsuccessful relationships. Without compatibility, most relationships struggle to take off and result in breakups. But with the Gay Compatibility Formula, you'll learn the traits to look for in a compatible partner, creating a foundation for a long-term relationship that can even turn into marriage.

Don't settle for less than you deserve. Invest in the Gay Compatibility Formula and take control of your love life. Say goodbye to incompatible partners and hello to lasting love and commitment.


Sex On Rocks

Sexual Completion - what it is and how it works
How sexual development happens.
how to have the best sex ever.
how to create sexual compatibility properly.
how self-esteem influences sexual behavior
how psychological shadow changes sex.
why gay men crave risky and violent sex.
why gay men look for large penises.
why gay men have narrow attraction.
7 games gay men play with sex.

Are persistent sex-related issues sabotaging your relationships? Would you like to experience the best sex of your life without jeopardizing your partnership? Our advanced sexuality course is precisely what you need.

Consider this: What if sexual concerns no longer obstructed your ability to connect with men? What if understanding your sexual impulses and discussing them with your partner could extend the life of your relationships? With our course, you no longer need to just wonder.

Don't allow sexual problems to ruin good relationships. Instead, learn how to enjoy fantastic, fulfilling sex that enhances the bond with your partner. This course equips you with a deep understanding of your sexual impulses and teaches you how to communicate them effectively to your partner, facilitating a healthy sexual relationship.

Enrolling in our advanced sexuality course is the first step to a gratifying sex life and a lasting, healthy relationship. Don't let sexual issues impede your joy. Sign up now, and start your journey towards gratifying sex and a robust relationship.

Gay Course About Dating And Gay Sexuality
Gay Course About Dating And Gay Sexuality


Get All Courses

Get access to world-class courses about gay dating, relationships and sexuality.  Learn the best strategies for meeting and connecting with gay men.  Each course comes with workbooks, exercises and videos.



Charged monthly

Low Monthly Fee

When you pay monthly, each course will be released every 60 days, giving you 12 months of learning at a pace of 1 course every 2 months in the order listed on the right.  You keep the courses that you have received forever without expiration dates.

One Pay - Save $700

First three courses opened immediately. 
You can start anywhere you like. 

one pay

All 6 courses are included:

Your Perfect Husband
Your Perfect Dating Sequence
Gay Relationship Mindsets
Sex On Rocks
Gay Compatibility Formula
Mindsets 4 Success & Achievement

Discover Life-Changing Benefits of Healthy Gay Relationships

Benefits Of Healthy Relationships

Learning how to have successful relationships is the fastest way to happiness, love, and positive experiences. There is no other training that can provide the same level of benefits as mastering the skills of building and maintaining relationships. Here are some specific examples of the benefits of having successful relationships:

Increased happiness and well-being: Studies have shown that people who have strong, supportive relationships are happier and healthier than those who do not. This is especially true for LGBTQ+ people, who often face discrimination and prejudice.
Reduced stress and anxiety: Having a strong support network can help to reduce stress and anxiety. This is important for LGBTQ+ people, who are more likely to experience mental health problems than the general population.
Increased self-esteem: Having supportive relationships can help to boost self-esteem. This is important for LGBTQ+ people, who are often subjected to negative stereotypes and discrimination.
Improved physical health: Studies have shown that people who have strong social ties have lower rates of chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke, and cancer. This is likely due to the fact that social support can help to reduce stress and improve coping mechanisms.
Greater sense of belonging: LGBTQ+ people who have strong relationships with others in the community are more likely to feel a sense of belonging. This can be especially important for people who have been rejected by their families.
Greater financial success. When you are in a healthy relationship, you are more likely to take on more risk and step out of your comfort zone.  You are also less likely to waste time on hookups and night life.
Gay Relationship - Paul And Frank Hiking

Your Coach - Paul Angelo MHA, MBA

Founder of

About Paul

My name is Paul Angelo, and for the past 12 years, I've had the privilege of working closely with hundreds of gay men, providing guidance and strategies to transform their approach to dating, ultimately making love and marriage an attainable goal. Today, many of these men are in committed relationships, sharing their lives and homes with their partners.

I founded to provide a platform that would empower gay men to navigate the complexities of long-term relationships and marriage, overcoming any obstacles in their path. Through the courses we offer, which I have meticulously developed over several years, you're just a few months away from potentially cultivating the most rewarding relationships you've ever experienced.

Enjoy the courses,

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Please use this form to contact us with your questions.  We are looking forward to helping you discover the secrets to gay dating and relationships that will transform your love life forever!

Paul Angelo MHA, MBA

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"These courses have shown me a new way. I've learned how to build meaningful relationships, and my life is so much better for it."


"I've finally moved on from the empty gratification of sex apps and have started forming relationships that truly matter to me."


"I felt so lost and frustrated with the hookup scene, but these courses have shown me that there's another way. I'm now confident that I can find a lasting relationship."


Do you feel lost and don't know where to turn?

Are you confused about the gay lifestyle and sexuality?  Do you find it difficult to meet gay men and connect with them?  Are you often rejected and judged and don't know why?  

In addition to courses, we offer coaching program that focus on relationships, coming out and sexuality.  Please click below to sign up for a 6-month coaching program called Gay Life Mastery.

Why study gay psychology?

Gay Dating - Gay Men Together

Gay Psychology

Empower yourself!

By studying gay psychology, you can gain insights into your own thought patterns and behaviors, as well as those of the people around you. 

This knowledge can help you to build stronger, more fulfilling relationships with friends, family members, and romantic partners. It can also help you to navigate complex social and professional situations with confidence and grace. 

Ultimately, by gaining a deeper understanding of gay psychology, you can unlock new levels of personal growth and fulfillment, and become a stronger, more empowered individual.

"When you implement this dating system, you will be unstoppable."

Paul Angelo MHA, MBA



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